Writing: Urban agriculture project inspires city to dig in and learn about local food

Written for Hull Food Partnership, 07/11/2020

“We’re currently putting our efforts into sustainability,” said Adrian. “You just don’t know how funding is going to go, and we don’t just want to survive on grant funding. We’re becoming developed now. We’ve got the kitchen, the shop is virtually there and we’re trading, and the bakery will be done in a couple of months – that could bring in many opportunities including training sessions.

Adrian Fisher
Adrian Fisher, director of Rooted in Hull. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Adrian Fisher is director of Rooted in Hull.

Rooted in Hull is a ground-breaking project. Situated just east of Hull’s city-centre, on St Peter Street, the project established in response to Hull City Council’s City Plan in 2012/13 which identified the need for education around food and food sustainability in the city. Adrian and project partner Mark Cleaver were tasked by the council to produce a feasibility study, exploring how a city farm project could be developed and operated.

Adrian and Mark looked far and wide for ideas, exploring how other city projects were tackling issues around local food production, food sustainability, and food poverty.

A ‘lightbulb’ moment happened during a visit to London, looking at a growing project near Kings Cross station.

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