Writing: Rooted in Hull’s artist in residence reveals what’s in the big red box

Written & recorded for Rooted in Hull, 18/12/2020

Photographer and artist Fiona Caley has recently been appointed ‘artist in residence’ at Rooted in Hull, the city’s urban agriculture project. She is now planning a wide range of artistic activities and events, down on the farm.

Fiona Caley
Fiona Caley, Rooted in Hull artist in residence. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Fiona said: “I’m a rural artist, but I’ve also done lots of projects in inner cities, other cities, and particularly Hull.”

Her appointment presents opportunities for the city’s artists to develop works that respond to Rooted in Hull’s site, and the activities there. Fiona will also be using her residency to develop her own personal artistic practice.

She said: “I love the thought of an artist in residence because actually it works both ways. I suppose, the difference, possibly, with the artist in residence program that I want to do, is that it isn’t purely about me. It isn’t purely about my art. It’s actually about the people that will come to visit.”

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