Writing: Hull entrepreneur to launch local food ordering and delivery app

Written for HULL IS THIS, 27th January 2021

With an app launching on Friday 29th January, Hull Kitchens is a new local takeaway food ordering and delivery service which plans to disrupt the giants in this sector, benefitting local restaurants and customers.

The business has been founded by Jack Hannam, who also runs several Temptation burger restaurants in the Humber area, including two in Hull.

Jack opened his Temptation burger restaurant in St Stephen’s shopping centre back in March 2020, just hours before the UK was taken into its first Covid-19 lockdown.

“Our only option was to use Just Eat at that time,” said Jack. “We didn’t realise how much we’d end up paying in commission. So, it got me thinking.”

He began researching the food ordering and delivery sector, and identifying areas in which a business could offer advantages to restaurant owners and their customers.

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