Writing: Filmmaker Dave Lee provides another glimpse into ‘Dean world’

Written for Back to Ours, 26/10/2020

Filmmaker Dave Lee has entered ‘Dean world’, and thanks to Back to Ours invites us all to take a glimpse of Hull’s ‘fourth best poet’, Dean Wilson, right on our sofas.

Dave Lee filmmaker
Filmmaker Dave Lee. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

“I don’t think Dean realises just how much people adore his stuff,” said Dave.

On the face of it, Dean’s world looks unsophisticated, naive in the truest sense of the word. We see just a poet living below the expansive skies of Yorkshire’s east coast, a small house to call home, and a growing collection of pebbles picked from daily walks along Withernsea’s beach.

Dean’s poetry can, at first read, reflect a simplicity too.

“I’ve always found naive poets like this to be incredibly moving,” said Dave. “Some of the daftest verse, like by Ivor Cutler or Spike Milligan, it can be very silly, but it can also turn in a heartbeat, and be incredibly moving, and I think Dean’s is the same.”

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