Writing: Entrepreneurs are responding to Covid-19 crisis with ‘fight or flight’ says business author

Produced for HULL IS THIS, 26th November 2020.

Professor David Hall is a co-founder of For Entrepreneurs Only, a community interest company and membership body helping local entrepreneurs to ‘start, adapt, and grow’ their businesses.

Independently, for over 40 years, David has been helping businesses – some small, others well-known national brands – to take a ‘step change’ towards greater success. Author of several business development books, writer and presenter of a BAFTA award winning BBC TV series on winning in business, David’s consultancy services have been in demand far and wide.

Speaking to HULL IS THIS, he offered some insightful reflection on how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on the business sector, and how business leaders might respond.

He suggests business leaders have responded to the coronavirus pandemic, its lockdowns and economic impacts, in one of two ways, ‘fight or flight’.

Read full interview on HULL IS THIS here: https://hullisthis.news/entrepreneurs-are-responding-to-covid-19-crisis-with-fight-or-flight-says-business-author