Writing: Broadcaster realises his classic car dreams with new venture

Written and photographed for HULL IS THIS, 13th September 2020

Pipe Dreams Classic Cars Lts
Pipe Dreams Classic Cars Ltd. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

You’ll have heard his voice on BBC Radio Humberside, maybe talking about an English country garden and gardeners’ problems with theirs, with his co-presenter Doug. You may have seen him in the park, presenting some musical classics to a well-oiled audience. Now, Blair Jacobs has planted the seeds of a new business, at a discreet location in the East Yorkshire countryside – Pipe Dreams Classic Cars Ltd.

Classic cars, as any owner will tell you, are not just commodities to be traded and warehoused. Each has a unique history that has to be understood. Each has an individual character. Each has particular needs that an owner needs to meet.

A temporary guardian of a classic car will need experience, knowledge, understanding, and passion. Blair has this, in gallons.

We turned to look at a car that Blair is currently restoring, an MGB roadster which he bought in boxes.

“My daughter’s called this one ‘Molly’. At the beginning of lockdown I wanted a project I could do. There’s no rust, no welding to be done. Someone had bought it, done the bodywork, and the rest had just sat in boxes until I bought it.”

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