The perfect potato masher

Jerome once owned a perfect potato masher. He bought it secondhand, from an open-air market, whilst on a nest-building date with his wife-to-be, back in the 1990s. It mashed perfectly, without getting potato caught in its framework. Brilliant design.

Jerome’s mash was legendary back then, smooth and buttery, and that masher was key to dinner party success with friends and family. Happy memories.

He loved that potato masher. It was the one item he was sad to lose when his marriage finally came to an end.

Sad that, as a household item that evokes such rich family stories, it would have been an ace addition to The Depository of the Dull.

One of the items already donated to The Depository of the Dull. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Siobhan McAleer, artist and community curator, is the creative force behind The Depository of the Dull. It’s a project delivered jointly by Appetite and the Brampton Museum, and it’s inviting you to ‘bring in your objects and tell us your stories’.

Siobhan said: “The Depository of the Dull was made as a virtual museum in lockdown last year. I invited people to tell us about some everyday objects that they had been looking at while they’d been in their houses. We called it The Depository of the Dull. It’s kind of a play on words or a joke, I guess. The thing is, everything is supposed to look as though it’s not very interesting, but then has a really interesting story that goes along with it.

“For this project, I’m working at Newcastle Common, which is Appetite’s base in the town centre, and alongside the Brampton Museum, and what we’re doing is asking people to bring in their everyday objects, with interesting stories associated in some way to Newcastle-under-Lyme.”

Listen to the Jerome’s full chat with Siobhan, ‘Shiv’, in the podcast, link below. She tells us what’s already been offered to the collection, gives examples of the stories attached to some of the items, and explains how we can get involved.

You can also find out more about The Depository of the Dull by visiting Appetite’s website, here:

And in case you’re concerned, Jerome rarely eats mashed potato now, he’s doing the low-carb thing.

Jerome has been commissioned by Appetite to report on their Newcastle Common project.