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Jerome’s full series of podcast episodes, including links to subscribe on popular platforms, can be found on his podcasts website at Buzzsprout:

Back to Ours Album: Part 1. October/November 2019.

Back to Ours Album: Part 1, is showing at Artlink until 28th November.

Following Jerome’s 18 months of assignments documenting the delivery and impact of Back to Ours, this specially commissioned exhibition and booklet reflects on the diverse range of artistic projects delivered and commissioned by Back to Ours, and how the project has engaged communities in Hull.

Back to Ours is Hull’s Creative People and Places Project, funded by Arts Council England. Production and exhibition partner: Artlink.

Artist’s Statement:

“The past 2 years have been a mega-ride of amazing artistic and cultural happenings around the city, shared with a growing passenger list of people welcomed aboard the Back to Ours artistic tour. In this exhibition, I alight stop by stop to look again at moments along the way: the breath-taking, the weird, the unexpected, the hilarious, the ‘did that really just happen?

“I’ve also chatted with many of the people that have joined the excursion as creators and volunteers. My portraits reveal glimpses of how Back to Ours is inspiring the people who encounter it, growing their creative ambition, and presenting often unexpected opportunities for artists in the city. When the Back to Ours bus speeds or trundles through the neighbourhood, the place changes – and so do the passengers.”

Back to Ours Album: Part 1 exhibition at Artlink from 18th October to 28th November 2019. A 50-page booklet accompanies the exhibition and is free to all gallery visitors.


Stories from Fountain Road Estate – Spring 2019

While planting tulip bulbs at the start of winter 2018, local volunteers realised the potential for capturing the stories of such a fascinating community, in this volunteer-led project by Absolutely Cultured.

Photographer Jerome Whittingham, and the Stories from Fountain Road Estate exhibition, mounted on the exterior walls of the former park-keeper’s hut at Waterloo Street Play Area. Photo: Karen van Deisen.

Stories from Fountain Road Estate celebrates the stories of local people in a new and unique exhibition displayed in the heart of the community.

Commissioning Hull-based photographer and writer Jerome Whittingham, Jerome has been working with Absolutely Cultured volunteers to interview and photograph the people and architecture of the Fountain Road Estate to capture and tell its unique story.

The Stories from Fountain Road Estate exhibition launched on Sunday 14th April. 25 panels of portraits – of the people and the estate – were mounted on the exterior walls of the former park-keeper’s hut at Waterloo Street Play Area.  150 visitors attended the opening day of the exhibition, with many dozens more coming to see the images over the course of the following week, and across Easter weekend.  To accompany the exhibition, 2,500 booklets were also published and distributed to visitors and residents of the estate.

Jerome photographed 40 people from the estate, and collated some of their stories.

FEASTival People – 2018

Commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Jerome spent the summer of 2018 visiting local food growers to examine the impact locally-produced food is having on communities in the city of Hull.

Adrian Fisher
Adrian Fisher, director of Rooted in Hull. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

The project helps to tell the story of Freedom Festival’s ‘FEASTival’, an enormous community meal of locally grown food, shared by 1,500 people, prepared by dozens of volunteers. FEASTival’s Creative Partner is Artlink, and Deliver Partner is Timebank Hull & East Riding. The FEASTival People pamphlet presents portraits of people encountered by Jerome, and was gifted to visitors at the festival.

“FEASTival, I have found, is about something altogether more nourishing than just locally grown food – it’s about friendship. I’ve met people who grow and eat together to improve their English language. I’ve met children who get grubby after school to make friends and learn skills for life. I’ve met people whose homes are happier, because of the time they spend watching the clouds float by from their allotment shed.”

Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

You can hear Jerome’s podcast conversations with local growers, and see the FEASTival People portrait series, here:

FEASTival People

We Made This – Maker Portraits, 2018

‘We Made This’ is a movement of crafters in Hull.  Their exhibition, on display in Hull Minster during September 2018, had the theme ‘iconic places and people of Hull.’

We Made This, Maker Portraits by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments
We Made This – Maker Portraits by Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.

Approximately 400 people have been involved in producing the crafted items on display.  They include children and their parents, child minders, community craft groups, schools, pensioners, neighbours, and friends – the city is obviously rammed full of creative crafters!

Commissioned by Back to Ours (Arts Council England’s Creative People & Places project in Hull), Jerome met some of these talented people to create this series of Maker Portraits.

We Made This – Maker Portraits

Advent People – December 2017

In this self-funded project Jerome met some of the city’s movers and shakers to ask ‘what next for the city of Hull as our year of UK City of Culture comes to an end?’

Andy Pearson
Theatre producer and actor, Andy Pearson. Advent People project by Jerome Whittingham, Hull 2017.

Presented on twitter, with an opportunity for all to comment and add their own thoughts too, Advent People reflects not on the end of a remarkable year for the city – but on its remarkable future.

Jerome’s Advent People tweets are gathered together and reposted here:

Advent People

Off The Shelf – 2017.

Encounters between photographer Jerome Whittingham @photomoments and Hull Library Services – an installation of photographs.

[photo © Rebecca Robyns]

Looking back over recent years this playful installation documented Hull Library Service’s support for the arts in the city of Hull – from Jerome’s perspective. Comprising over 200 images by the photographer, from many events, including: Humber Mouth Literature Festival, Heads Up Festival, The Big Malarkey, Untold Hull, and more.  The images were presented as an installation constructed from over 200 cardboard boxes, printed by Garthwest Ltd – Hull’s globally renowned packaging company.

Funded by Hull Culture and Leisure, and The James Reckitt Library Trust.

The installation was on display in Hull’s Central Library and cafe between September and December 2017, and is currently forming smaller installations in libraries across the city.

African Contemporary Voices – 2016.

These Contemporary Voices for the ‘Africans in Hull and East Yorkshire’ project are collections of oral histories made by people of Black African heritage who have or have previously had a connection with Hull and East Yorkshire before 2007. The stories that were collected reflect aspects of their lives or their family’s lives which relate to their African origins and to more recent experiences within this region.

This commission was completed in 2016/17 for the ‘African Stories in Hull and East Yorkshire’ project, forming part of a larger exhibition at Hull’s History Centre in Summer 2017.  The project was mainly funded by Untold Hull. Untold Hull is an oral history project that records the stories and experiences of people who live, have lived or have experienced the city of Hull in some way. The 30 stories appear as audio recordings or videos and can be listened to and watched on the Untold Hull website. They will become a permanent part of the digital collections of Hull History Centre and Hull Library Service forming a unique social history archive.

Untold Hull is part of Hull Culture & Leisure Ltd and is funded by the James Reckitt Library Trust.

Here’s the project’s website:

Moved – stories of poignant artistic experiences – 2015.

Most people can pinpoint one experience of art – a piece of music, an image, a film, a fashion statement – that impacted upon their life, made them stop in their tracks and consider their situation. Art has an influence upon our lives, moving us, changing us, forming our identity, shaping the culture of our communities.

This interview and portraiture project explored art’s impact upon prominent individuals in Hull, adding to the conversation in the city about the value of the arts to our communities, and revealing untold stories of how art has moved those who, in turn, influence the city.

Moved was an Untold Stories commission for Hull City Library Service and Art for Hull.

Butterflies and Battlefields – conflict with dementia in the home.

It is estimated by The Alzheimer’s Society that by 2015 there will be 850,000 people in the UK with dementia, many of whom will be undiagnosed.

Public awareness of dementia is ever-growing, few people have not witnessed at least something of its affects.  Yet, general understanding of dementia’s impact upon families is poor.  Stories of households’ conflict with this illness are going untold.

Butterflies and Battlefields ebook aims to illustrate, in a very accessible way, ‘What’s Happening?’ as familes respond to the conflict of dementia.

The ebook available from the project website is a collaboration between photographer Jerome Whittingham and writer Dave Windass, supported by the Humber Mouth Literature Festival’s special commissions programme 2014.