Poets, pictured

I’ve been privileged enough, even spoiled over the years, to meet and photograph some of the biggest names in poetry and spoken word in the UK. It just happened somehow, and I miss it.

Now I’m settled back here in North Staffordshire, I’ve decided the time is right for me to get acquainted with the poetry scene around The Potteries. I need to get out more.

Poets have a reputation for being introspective loners, but I know that’s not entirely true! I’ve witnessed them gathering, and have enjoyed their company.

I’m keen to find out about poetry and spoken word open mic nights and other events here in North Staffordshire. I’d love to listen to some local poetry podcasts, or watch some Youtube videos. So, if you have info or connections, I’d be very pleased to hear from you.

For now, I’ve trawled through my twitter archive, and below are some of my personal highlights from encounters with poets from my years in Hull.

Poets, pictured.

All photographs © Jerome Whittingham, @photomoments.

So, you get the picture! I quite like poetry and spoken word. I’m missing my poets.

Jerome @photomoments