Podcast: Put nature back into everything

Andy Gibson YWT
Andrew Gibson, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

Recorded for HULL IS THIS, 08/12/2019

Andrew Gibson, conservation officer at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, challenges us to think about how we can ‘put nature back into everything we do’.

HULL IS THIS editor Jerome Whittingham joined Andrew on a very wet day to look at some examples of what he means.

Andrew pointed out the mental health benefits of bird-watching and feeding the ducks, showed how architectural design can offer surprising opportunities, and explained how man-made environments can be managed with nature in mind.

Putting nature back into everything we do is beneficial to all of us, not just nature, he argues.

Full article and podcast on HULL IS THIS here: https://hullisthis.news/podcast-put-nature-back-into-everything