Hull artist Lydia Caprani seeks city walls to host “a little joy”

Artist Lydia Caprani is looking for Hull residents with public-facing walls to participate in a small project which aims to bring “a little joy” to the city’s suburbs.

A decorative tile by artist Lydia Caprani.
One of Lydia’s decorative tiles. Photo: Lydia Caprani

Funded by a successful application to St Hugh’s Foundation for the Arts, Lydia has been in her studio creating decorative tiles, and she’s now looking to place the tiles around Hull.

Lydia explained: “The overall aim of the installations is to invoke curiosity and provide a little joy to the public going about their daily routines, creating a moment to enjoy and appreciate the smaller decorative aspects of their everyday surroundings.

“The core themes of my work are pattern and folk-art – these accessible art forms have been present in societies for centuries as ways to communicate, celebrate occasions, and create a sense of identity.

“Whilst pattern continues to thrive as contemporary societies’ everyday art from, adorning every possible surface in our homes and clothes, the appearance of our streets are dictated by authorities and developers who create environments with little creativity, colour or joy.

“I work in the public realm to explore these themes and use murals as an artform which is accessible to all. With murals currently postponed, the grant is an opportunity to play and explore with a new medium.”

Lydia is particularly looking for installation sites in the HU3 and HU4 postcode areas of Hull, to ensure fair coverage across the city.

Potential hosts are being asked to send details of their walls, including photographs, by completing a form on Lydia’s website.

Find out more here: Decorative Tiles for Hull

Instagram: Lydia Caprani

[Jerome Whittingham, for HULL IS THIS 9/3/21]