Gym looks beyond fitness to see other potentials in clients

Produced for North Staffs News 6/5/22

Martine Greenwell, director and trainer at Hourglass Performance Training in Burslem, is an inspiring woman.

Jerome paid a visit to the gym to learn more about Martine’s mission to empower local women.

Martine said: “There are women here with so much potential and they just don’t have any self-belief. When you start training them, and they start physically becoming stronger and fitter and more confident, it’s like, ‘why don’t you do this?’ ‘Oh, never thought that.’ ‘Why don’t you do that? She can help you with that.’ And that’s what the women here do.”

Listen to the podcast to hear how Martine has helped women to start up businesses, supported women through domestic violence, and created a community gym focused on kindness and other strengths.

Her work helping women through the horrors of domestic violence is particularly impressive. Martine and other staff at the gym undertook training so that the gym could become a ‘domestic violence workplace hub’.

Martine said: “I have a lot of women that come in with no confidence, they walk in, with their head down, you hear them speak about how they’re being spoken to at home and you just think wow, she doesn’t know that’s not right.”

Self-belief is the key to people’s success, according to Martine.

“Self-belief, yeah, and a good support system. A lot of women don’t have a support system, or they’re looking after kids, they’re looking after husbands, and they’re not looking after themselves. They forget who they are.”

Time spent in the company of such a positively-minded person has delivered benefits for so many women who’ve visited the gym in its six years of trading.

Business doesn’t always have to be about cash in the bank, there’s currency in other measures too.

Website: Hourglass Performance Training

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