FRONTLINEdance with Rachael Lines, artistic director.

Produced for North Staffs News 08/04/2022

In this in-depth podcast interview for North Staffs News, artistic director of FRONTLINEdance Ltd, Rachael Lines, tells us all about the work of this local contemporary dance company.

Rachael shares a great deal of insight into how the arts have a real positive impact on individuals and communities.

“FRONTLINEdance seeks to break down the barriers for people to engage in dance participation and performance, playing a positive role in integration and community cohesion.”

Now 20 years old, the contemporary dance company specialises in co-creating dance performances with people in the community, especially those with specific needs such as learning disability, or diagnosis of illness such as cancer, Parkinson’s, and stroke.

FRONTLINEdance works across North Staffordshire, often calling in the expertise of choreographers and professional dancers from across the Midlands too.

Rachael talks about how her own experiences of ill health fuel her empathy and drive her to create opportunities for others.

Her enthusiasm, energy, and expertise is motivating!

And, find out even more about FRONTLINEdance Ltd by visiting their website:

Rachael Lines, FRONTLINEdance Ltd
Rachael Lines, artistic director of FRONTLINEdance Ltd. Photo: Jerome Whittingham @photomoments.