FEASTival People – Freedom Festival Arts Trust

Commissioned by Freedom Festival Arts Trust, Jerome spent the summer of 2018 visiting local food growers to examine the impact locally-produced food is having on communities in the city of Hull.

The project helps to tell the story of Freedom Festival’s ‘FEASTival’, an enormous community meal of locally grown food, shared by 1,500 people, prepared by dozens of volunteers. FEASTival’s Creative Partner is Artlink, and Deliver Partner is Timebank Hull & East Riding. The FEASTival People pamphlet presents portraits of people encountered by Jerome, and was gifted to visitors at the festival.

“FEASTival, I have found, is about something altogether more nourishing than just locally grown food – it’s about friendship. I’ve met people who grow and eat together to improve their English language. I’ve met children who get grubby after school to make friends and learn skills for life. I’ve met people whose homes are happier, because of the time they spend watching the clouds float by from their allotment shed.”

Jerome Whittingham @photomoments

You can hear Jerome’s podcast conversations with local growers, and see the FEASTival People portrait series here: