Can our town centres be green?

Jerome met up with Chloe, Appetite’s exhibition duty manager, for a chat and stroll around items on display at ‘Green Town’.

The Green Town exhibition, at Appetite’s Newcastle Common arts space, takes ‘an optimistic look at how the climate crisis might shape the future of our town centres’.

The Appetite website explains: “The big issue of climate collapse becomes local with Green Town, which looks at the role of our town centre in saving the environment. From the impact of food wasted by supermarket chains, to the carbon cost of demolishing buildings that could be repurposed. We’ve brought together artists, writers, performers, and thinkers who invite you to look again at Newcastle-under-Lyme’s streets, shops, and public spaces, and to decide whether you’re part of the problem or part of the solution.”

Chloe was an engaging guide. I enjoyed our chat.

The exhibition isn’t overly provocative. The artworks are a gentle exploration of how making even small lifestyle changes can be beneficial, like growing a bit of veg at home instead of buying it in a supermarket.

There’s plenty of space at Newcastle Common to sit back and reflect on what the exhibits are saying.

Chloe said: “Part of this is to remind people to come and learn something, but also take a moment to relax, and not feel burdened individually. Because it is about the collective response to climate change, not the individual.”

The exhibition runs until 30th April 2022, and there are numerous activities, talks, and events running alongside too.

Full details here: Appetite, Green Town.

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