Butterflies and Battlefields – conflict with dementia

It is estimated by The Alzheimer’s Society that by 2015 there will be 850,000 people in the UK with dementia, many of whom will be undiagnosed.

Public awareness of the condition is ever-growing, few people have not witnessed at least something of its effects. Yet, general understanding of dementia’s impact upon families is poor. Stories of households’ conflict with this illness are going untold.

Butterflies and Battlefields aims to illustrate, in a very accessible way, ‘What’s happening?’ as families respond to the conflict of dementia.

The ebook available on the project website is a collaboration between photographer Jerome Whittingham and writer Dave Windass, supported by the Humber Mouth Literature Festival’s ‘special commissions programme’ 2014.

Our thanks to June Cooke and members of the Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group, Hull, for the warmth of their welcome and their eagerness to support this project.