Writing: City author tells A North Sea Tale

Writing: City author tells A North Sea Tale

A North Sea Tale
A North Sea Tale, by Chris Speck. Flat City Press, 2020.

Written for HULL IS THIS, 01/08/2020

It’s a bold and daring move for a Hull author to place the plot of a novel on a fishing trawler in the North Sea in 1975, the height of the Cod Wars.

Writer Chris Speck has done just this. His next book, A North Sea Tale, is published by Flat City Press this month.

“I can’t promise it’s going to be accurate, but I spent many months talking to trawlermen, talking to skippers, talking to their wives, talking to people linked to the fishing industry, asking them lots of questions. But I tried not to get bogged down with too much detail,” said Chris.

Chris is an east Hull lad, now living in Cottingham, and has family that worked alongside the fishing industry of St Andrew’s Dock.

“My dad used to have an office off Hessle Road. My grandad used to drive trucks off Hessle Road as well.” 

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