Tanya Raabe-Webber, Portraits Untold.

[14th February 2017]

Thoroughly enjoyed meeting Tanya this afternoon, watching her work, and chatting to her about the creative process of portraiture. Tanya is in Hull all this week, carrying out an engaging series of portraiture workshops as part of her ongoing Portraits Untold series. Really quite inspiring. Tanya's exhibition is on display at Artlink, on Princes Avenue Hull, until 25th February.

From Artlink's website:

"Nationally acclaimed portrait painter Tanya Raabe Webber takes up residency at Artlink from the 13th-18th February 2017, conducting a series of workshops. Four sitters have been chosen to take part and we invite members of the public to join us in the open conversation with some of Hull's leading figures on arts, diversity and culture. The day long workshops are informative, fun, different and give people the opportunity to learn from such a successful national portrait artist."

[All images © Jerome Whittingham @photomoments]