Off The Shelf - an installation.

[14th October 2017]

Off The Shelf is an installation of my photographs showing at Hull Central Library until mid December 2017 - encounters between photographer and the Hull Library Service.

The installation features images created at Humber Mouth Literature Festival, Heads Up Festival, The Big Malarkey Festival, Head in a Book, Untold Hull, and elsewhere. The support that the library service provides for arts in the city is exceptional, and this display of images helps to illustrate the wide variety of projects delivered, often in partnership with leading artists and arts organisations. Hull Library Service is not just a provider of venues for some remarkable events and host to renowned authors and artists, it's also a producer.

With this exhibition of photographs taken in the last few years (call it a retrospective if you're arty enough) I wanted to steer clear of framed prints on walls. My encounters with the Hull Library Service are usually lighter appointments in my calendar, for example meeting Booker Prize winning authors for a portrait shoot and banter, or sitting in on a kids' show for E52's Heads Up theatre festival. This exhibition, then, was an opportunity for playfulness too.

I hope you like how we're presenting the images, huge thanks are due to the team at Garthwest Ltd, Hull's nationally respected packaging company, we rather love our boxes - there are about 200 of them on display!

Come along to Hull Central Library and explore Off The Shelf, we're already pleased to hear visitors exclaiming phrases such as 'oh gosh, I remember that!'

Let me know what you think, and share your photos online with the hashtag #OffTheShelf



Off The Shelf is funded by Hull Culture and Leisure, and the James Reckitt Library Trust.
Photographs of the Preview Event © Rebecca Robyns
Off The Shelf at Hull Central Library
Photo: © Patrick Janedri, Garthwest Ltd

Off The Shelf on Garthwest Ltd Blog

"Based in Hull, we are exceptionally supportive of our city’s creative arts and local talent. At Garthwest, we are always willing to offer a helping hand to local artists who are looking to express their artistic flare and create an awe-inspiring impression.

"When Jerome Whittingham approached us, the well-known local photographer and podcaster was looking to make a big impression during his Off The Shelf event at Hull Central Library, which is set to run until mid-December this year. The photographs he intended to display featured images captured at Humber Mouth Literature Festival, Heads Up Festival, The Big Malarkey Festival, Head in a Book, Untold Hull, and several other arts events in our UK city of culture.