What is Light?

A selection of images first presented at the 'What Is? Collective' event at Heads Up Festival, Hull, March 2018.Legendary French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, master of candid street photography, said that the creation of each photograph has a ...

How To Be Brave - author Louise Beech

Jenny, a Year 10 work experience student from Kelvin Hall School in Hull, interviews author Louise Beech about her debut novel 'How to be Brave.' Researched, produced, presented and edited by Jenny - during her 2 week placement with @photomoments.

Community Land Trusts

"In many ways this development is very innovative. These are going to be the first family homes built in the city centre for decades and decades," Steve Hoey, Director Leeds Community Homes, a Community Land Trust.

Creative Briefs: Arts Tour 2

Children from a Year3/4 class at Estcourt Primary Academy in Hull joined Creative Briefs to enjoy an arts tour of Humber Street Gallery, Hull Minster, and Ferens Art Gallery. They looked at the differences between traditional and contemporary artwork...

Alex Stephany, CEO BEAM

"This is a very powerful model allowing people to progress," Alex Stephany, CEO of BEAM. This London based project helps homeless people to 'be amazing' by crowdfunding for them to access training and get into work.www.wearebeam.org

Lou Hazelwood at HIP Gallery

Lou's latest exhibition, showing at HIP Gallery as part of Hull International Photography Festival, explores the very boundaries of the photographic image. In this interview she reveals something of her surprising techniques: a cat, a washing machine...

Sculptor Brian Griffiths at Artlink

'So he pulled the right levers and you did the asking'. Sculptor Brian Griffiths returns to Hull, presenting an exhibition of puppets created by his friends & family - self portraits and impersonations. Fantasy, social experiment, even theatre - ...

There's Something in the Heroin

Highly toxic fentanyl which is being added to heroin in Hull and East Yorkshire is implicated in a recent spike in overdose related deaths. Tony Margetts, Substance Misuse Manager at East Riding Council, gives urgent advice to users.